About OceanTrack

OceanTrack is a modern, high quality, feature rich online tracking system that accepts input from a wide variety of GPS devices. 

OceanTrack is compatible with:

  • InMarSat trackers
  • OffShoreTrack Yellow Boxes
  • Satellite uplink devices (Orbcomm, GlobaStar, Iridium, Inmarsat)
  • Dedicated GSM/GPRS/HDPA tracking devices
  • Many GSM and 3G phones
  • 'Spot' trackers
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops running tracker software
OceanTrack displays
  • Position of boats
  • speed
  • heading
  • Weather information
  • Historical track information
  • A picture of the boat
  • Owner and boat information
OceanTrack is based in Hobart, Tasmania Australia.  Hobart is home and finishing point for many offshore yacht races.  Hobart is also the hub of one of the worlds great cruising grounds.

To contact our company, please send an email to: info@oceantracker.net